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Mobile application and USB Debugging with FlashDevelop

Friday, 25 November 2011 00:00
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With FlashDevelop when you develop an application "Mobile air Flex App", you can choose towards which peripheral "to simulate" your "appli" in order to check and debug… In this article, I explain how to debug its application when one carries out it on an ancillary equipment via USB.

I created a project "Mobile air Flex App" under FlashDevelop 4 (FlashDevelop is an open-source code editor for Windows…). It should be noted that it installs all packages and library necessary to the creation of a project (SDK Android and Flex…), I simply had to install my HTC USB driver

You must initially follow the procedure described in the document "AIR_Android_readme.txt", i.e.: to have it USB driver of your mobile, to have created it "self-signed certificate" and to have installed AIR Runtime on your device…

Then, you must choose the "target" towards which will be carried out your application, for that you must publish the file "Run.bat" ! In the first lines of the file, you will find ": target" (line 6), by defect the line below is active it acts of "goto desktop", these lines mean that you carry out your appli locally. You can choose to comment on this line and to activate the line in lower part "goto android-debug" to carry out the appli on an ancillary equipment (your mobile…)


At this stage, you can "build and run" on your device with the usual orders (Ctrl+Enter or F5)! The application will be installed on your device and will launch out…

Nevertheless, you are in "debug" mode, because by defect it option "- debug" is specified in the order adb (

Android Debug Bridge…) that you will find in: C:\Program Files\FlashDevelop\Tools\android\platform - tools

These options are also in the file "Run.bat"


To work, you must absolutely have passed your device in "Debugging USB" mode.
For that, made:
Parameters -> Applications -> Development -> Activate "Debugging USB"

android debugging usb

As you are in "debug" mode, as soon as the application launches out on your "device" seeks to communicate with FlashDevelop to communicate "debugging" datas. You will probably see the window appearing below:


Don't worry, this window is not blocking, if you make "Cancel" you will be able to check your application on your device, but you will not receive debugging informations in FlashDevelop !

Initially, I think "debugging" can be done simply via the USB wire as with XCode for development on Apple device... But you will notice on the capture of screen above that a IP address or a hostname is asked, it are network informations ! you should configure your system to have your PC and your mobile on the same local area network ! I advise you to configure and activate it "Wi-fi" on your mobile ! Normally if you are on the same network, just write you PC's IP address...

To activate Wi-fi on your Android mobile :
Parameters -> Without wire and networks -> Activate Wi-Fi

To know your PC's IP address on your local area network :
Start -> Run -> cmd -> ipconfig

If that still does not work, I advise you to desactivate your Firewall :
Start -> Run -> Firewall.cpl
(It would seem that the AIR execution engine use the port 7936 for debugging... I did not check…)

You can also check if you can see your PC on your local area network from your mobile ... thanks to an application like: ES Explorer (Choose LAN ! You should be able to reach your PC via the network! Normally IP address of your PC is also visible…)



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thank you very much.

very clear and very helpful :)
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