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position:absolute with ie6 doesn't appear

Thursday, 21 January 2010 16:36
The major displaying problems with ie6 incentive to use "absolute" positions. Sometimes certain "div" position "absolute" does not appear in IE6.

I rarely had problems using absolute positioning. It is also often an easy way to counter some problems in ie6.

Reminder :
absolute positioning (position: absolute) is determined from the upper left corner of the browser window. The coordinates of a point expressed then from top to bottom (top) and from left to right (left) in contrast to positioning relative position that is relative to other elements ...

Recently I found a problem in ie6 put a "absolute" "div" in a joomla article.

bug absolute ie6 joomla editor

So I did a test just to see if it was a problem with Joomla, I put the same code with the "absolute" "div" directly in the template just after the "body" tag as I do most of the time as follows:


<div id="home_carte_france" style="position: absolute; left:50%;" >

<div id="page">

It works, the problem is indeed linked to the location of the "absolute" "div" in the code ...

Add a clear: both;
clear: left; and clear: right; can also walk as appropriate.

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