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Identical Icons in components administration menu

Thursday, 22 April 2010 21:31
Sometimes, when you install several components in Joomla, errors occur in the "Components" menu.
Identical icons appear...

icone joomla bug

The reason is simply that joomla generates in the "Administration console CSS" two classes which have same name (and therefore a class overrides the other).

style css icone joomla
This style is generated in php with a call to the following url: index.php?option=com_content
We can say that it does not help much ...

After some research, I found out which file was generated corresponding css styles the administration menu of Joomla.
The file you have to modify to correct the problem is the following:

administrator \ modules \ mod_menu \ menu.php

Go getIconClass function on line 138 (my version of joomla is 1.5.15)
Add the two lines:
$array_exploded = explode ("/", $identifier); 
$class = $array_exploded[1]."_".$class;
just before
$this-> _css .= "\n.icon-16-$class (\n". 
"\tbackground: url($identifier) no-repeat; \n".
")\n "

This is the result ;-):

icone joomla good

There are of course other ways to solve such problems ...


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