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Clickable area and Hand cursor

Thursday, 21 January 2010 17:00
as3 mouse
In Flash, it is common to define clickable areas which are not necessarily buttons. There are properties to show the hand cursor indicating that the area flown over is clickable. But sometimes, the hand disappears under the description of flying ...

Here is an excerpt from the documentation on the Sprite class :

buttonMode : Boolean
Specifies the button mode of this sprite

useHandCursor : Boolean
A Boolean value that indicates whether the pointing hand (hand cursor) appears when the mouse rolls over a sprite in which the buttonMode property is set to true.

It is therefore common to pass these properties to true:

Despite these properties passed to "true", it may happen that the hand disappears under the description of flying, for example, there may be in the "Sprite" and a dynamic Textfield overview of it, the hand disappears....

This is because the TextField is a child of Sprite and may also receive mouse events (if it is a dynamic TextField ...). The solution is to disable mouse events for children so they grow older. And for that, Flash has the property that must pass mouseChildren false..

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